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Textiles enrich our lives.

We preserve, repair, restore & display.

Conservation & Repair

Beloved christening gowns, fragile wedding dresses, and other heirlooms all deserve skilled treatments to preserve the past and enrich our lives and those of our children. Fine hand-stitching, reweaving, dye and stain analysis are among the techniques used in conservation.

Cleaning & Care

Acidic discoloration, stains and creases can often be removed using a combination of wet and dry cleaning. After careful testing, cleaning, and stabilization, your heirlooms can be preserved for many more years to come.

Conservation & Repair

Each textile is studied with sensitivity to texture, pattern, condition, lighting and location. Mounts are designed to protect and preserve the textile while augmenting its strong graphic power or subtle beauty. Custom display can include the design of interior space and lighting, as well as professional installation to showcase textile collections harmoniously with other artworks.

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Caring For Textiles

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